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UnderGuard Honda Civic FC / FK Racing Engine Undercarriage

UnderGuard Honda Civic FC / FK Racing Engine Undercarriage

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UnderGuard Honda Civic FC / FK Racing Engine Undercarriage


UnderGuard Honda Civic FC / FK Racing Engine Undercarriage

Under cover for Civic FC / FK

           From the approximate look, the body dimensions of the FC / FK or even the Type R's father will look large, similar to the Accord seniors. Plus, it is a model with a leap improvement that can be called "This time jump across the ocean. "From the original NA to Turbo. (NA means the engine does not help with the charge system)

    Like this, aside from an outstanding reputation And famous in the world of variable valve systems, or familiar to the Vtec system, this new version, it also has shells to help spin the air Pushed into becoming a "Vtec Turbo" that has many more horsepower, while the engine size does not increase But instead reverses the horsepower Was considered appropriate With a car that is called Is a front wheel drive car (Formerly the factory) that is now "the strongest in the world"

    Before going out to sea far into the subject "Underbody or underbody cover up" together. The story is that "Civic FC / FK is the new generation with Underbody cover underbody is the full and smoothest wind track ever. Civic comes out beautifully in this world "can be said from the front Long to the end. Which secretly whispered a bit that Before this, most of them were only in Europe, and Honda should be Japanese. The only camp that featured And made out already

Dig deep to the side of the Civic (Underbody) cover.

From the above image is taken from under the car. The camera angle from the front to the end of the white light is made of good-looking aluminum, 0.4 mm thick. The forming pump has fins for cooling the exhaust around the exhaust. Next to the rear is a plast attached in black, made of Something similar to soft velvet-mixed plastic, which can say that Honda makes a great investment. At this point, I can only say that "good work" like a big one.

But today I am not alone.

 From many people like Honda because it is decorated, racing, running fast, and the first step that must be done is to take the car to load the car, the wheel is low, the wheel arch, but what is worrisome is nothing. Then the cover under the belly of the original Like to pull off the ground, scratched the rock, soil, sand, earth to the world because it is only 0.4 mm thick.

Selling the Honda Civic FC / FK line.

Presenting the "Civic FC / FK engine compartment cover"

Protect the engine compartment against tummy pattern in 20 minutes.

Under cover for Civic FC / FK

So how does the Civic FC / FK engine cover be better than the original ...?

3 times stronger than the original because the original is very thin (only 0.4 mm) using stamping to make a shape But not durable enough Therefore rearrange the stuff To be as thick as before (1.5 mm) to please low-load cars, licks or carry bags (suspension air bags)

Eliminate weaknesses because in the past Under the aluminum plate, thin, they will leave the anchor point with the "plastic" to run, swinging, fluttering, soon, then sag, hanging down in a sack. Therefore catching the moving point And changing materials and gripping again Deposited at the nearby steel beam for full protection, this time "no loose"


Durable for years because of lightweight stainless steel, seriously lightweight, weighing only 2.5 kg (equal to 2 MacBook AIR)

    Convenient, easy to transfer the engine oil, because there is a "Easy service" opening - fast closing in less than 1 minute (no need to remove the whole sheet). Easy like this, the doll in front of the car can do.

 Undercarriage cover under7

    The work is neat, straight holes, straight to the exact model .. !! Because designed with good transparency And use a laser machine priced many 10 million, imported from Japan

    Well ventilated Great heat dissipation Even when the car is parked With AirFlow ventilation fins (designed to resemble the Super Lamborghini fins), when the car is parked it will open the ventilating vent. And if while the car is running Will create a vacuum Draws heat from the engine room into the bottom of the car This is definitely a good result for the legs. Can be washed for a long time

    There is an additional air jet air helps to push the air that remains behind the machine. And push the air near the exhaust pipe, which is simply said to bring cool air to expel the hot air It is the use of wind energy to benefit. Highest

Tested, then reduce the air temperature to a maximum of 5 degrees (think jokingly, if with 30 degrees reduced to 25, it's hot and cold too)

UnderGuard Civic FC / FK engine cover

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